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Year: 2016

Raspberry Pi

BLE Car Controlled by Motion Sensor and Wah Pedal

I made a BLE car controlled by motion sensor and wah pedal. Configuration Parts  Redbearlab ...

Electronic  2016.10.13 お父ちゃん

Blynk Controlled Car

I made Blynk controlled Car using Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE. I can easily using Blynk! Con...

Electronic  2016.9.25 お父ちゃん

Height measuring instrument using ranging sensor VL53L0X

It is very difficult to measure height because a child cannot sit still for a long time. So we foun...

Electronic  2016.9.17 お父ちゃん

Head Mounted Display “Nirvana”

We made Head Mounted Display "Nirvana". "Nirvana" allows you to see the place you want to see anywhe...

Raspberry Pi  2016.9.8 お父ちゃん

Digital Windmill “Digindmill”

I made a digital Windmill "Digindmill" that breathes and rotates.   Constitution   The micro...

Electronic  2016.6.2 お父ちゃん

Voice-activated Patrol Lamp

This is voice-activated Patrol Lamp. It have mic and sense voice. While sensing the voice, the lamp ...

Electronic  2016.5.18 お父ちゃん

Neopixel LED EyeBall

I made a eye-ball using LED Tape Neopixel. It blink and pupil is moved to the left and right. Struc...

Electronic  2016.4.24 お父ちゃん