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Year: 2018

Raspberry Pi
Replace video audio with FFmpeg

If you want to replace the audio after you export the music video... Video software (using the Premi...

未分類 2018.12.13 お母ちゃん

Hip HOP Instrumental Flee TRack November 2018 Summary

Summary of Fleet Racks released in November, 2018 TRACK33 DOWNLOAD TRACK32 DOWNLOAD TRACK31...

Music 2018.12.2 お母ちゃん

wget memo to download whole file of page

Bring a whole page of CSS and images from the site [crayon-616db8dc36e50782276299/] Can be DL in t...

未分類 2018.11.13 お母ちゃん

“King of Darkness” EVIL’s Hand

I made the King of Darkness EVIL's hand. The way of lighting changes depending on the movement of th...

Electronic 2018.10.10 お父ちゃん

“King of Darkness” EVIL’s Sickle

I made "King of Darkness" EVIL's Sickle in New Japan Pro Wrestling. I want to make such a kettle ...

Electronic 2018.10.5 お父ちゃん