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Raspberry Pi

I made Blynk-controlled mini Car using M5Stick-C. I introduce the WiFi-controlled car "M5Stick-Car"...

未分類 2019.7.10 お父ちゃん

First Step for Robotics

I wanted to make a robot. However, I could only make a foot because my money ran out.   (ad...

Electronic 2019.5.24 お父ちゃん

“King of Darkness” EVIL’s Hand

I made the King of Darkness EVIL's hand. The way of lighting changes depending on the movement of th...

Electronic 2018.10.10 お父ちゃん

Electrocardiogram Using TouchDesigner & Arduino

I created an electrocardiogram using TouchDesigner. The image moves according to the value of the se...

Electronic 2017.9.24 お父ちゃん

Blynk-controlled Stag Beetle

I got a broken old stag beetle toy with a wired remote control. I modified it so that it can be oper...

Electronic 2017.5.21 お父ちゃん

Jigsaw Puzzle Timer

I made Jigsaw Puzzle Timer using touch panel TFT display. This measures the time until the puzzle is...

Electronic 2017.5.5 お父ちゃん

Inflate With A Broken Balloon

I made trick toy using circuito.io. circuito.io generates circuit and test program just by selecting...

Electronic 2017.4.26 お父ちゃん

Micro OLED Display Test Using Visuino

I tried animating the eye of a bitmap image using the Micro OLED module and Visuino. Configuration ...

Electronic 2017.3.16 お父ちゃん

Neopixel LED Eyeball Controlled by Nunchuck

I made an LED eyeball controlled by a Nintendo Wii Nunchuck Controller. Configuration Microcontr...

Electronic 2017.3.9 お父ちゃん

Playing Smartphone Games with a Relay Touch Board

I played the smartphone game "punipuni" with a relay touch board. By turning the relay switch on the...

Electronic 2017.1.17 お父ちゃん

BLE Car Controlled by Motion Sensor and Wah Pedal

I made a BLE car controlled by motion sensor and wah pedal. Configuration Parts  Redbearlab ...

Electronic 2016.10.13 お父ちゃん

Blynk Controlled Car

I made Blynk controlled Car using Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE. I can easily using Blynk! Con...

Electronic 2016.9.25 お父ちゃん

Height measuring instrument using ranging sensor VL53L0X

It is very difficult to measure height because a child cannot sit still for a long time. So we foun...

Electronic 2016.9.17 お父ちゃん

Digital Windmill “Digindmill”

I made a digital Windmill "Digindmill" that breathes and rotates.   Constitution   The micro...

Electronic 2016.6.2 お父ちゃん

Voice-activated Patrol Lamp

This is voice-activated Patrol Lamp. It have mic and sense voice. While sensing the voice, the lamp ...

Electronic 2016.5.18 お父ちゃん

Neopixel LED EyeBall

I made a eye-ball using LED Tape Neopixel. It blink and pupil is moved to the left and right. Struc...

Electronic 2016.4.24 お父ちゃん