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wget memo to download whole file of page

お母ちゃん  2018.11.13 
Raspberry Pi

Bring a whole page of CSS and images from the site

Can be DL in the form that can be displayed locally.

I forgot whether I was allowed to reference the site somewhere 😥

Meaning of options

wget-UNIX/Linux command-quote from it Senka


-P,–page-requisites During recursive download with the HTTP protocol, if the document is retrieved, all resources required by the document are downloaded.


-H,–span-hosts When a recursive download is performed, the document is parsed and collected in a way that crosses multiple servers.


-E,–html-extension If the file name does not end with “. html” When you download XHTML or HTML data, save it with a file name appended with “. html” at the end.


-NH,–no-host-directories prohibits the creation of a directory with a name that starts with a connected server name or IP address.


-K,–convert-links When downloaded recursively, rewrite the downloaded document so that the reference to the external file is valid.

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