Neopixel LED EyeBall


I made a eye-ball using LED Tape Neopixel. It blink and pupil is moved to the left and right.



  • Microcontroller Arduino Pro Mini 328 5v 16MHz

  • Bending sensor 55mm

  • Full color serial LED tape Neopixel

  • Slide switch

Equipment overview

This Eye-ball has Grip and Trigger. When Grip (VR 10kohm) is turned, pupil move to the left and right. When Trigger is pulled, Bend Sensor is bended and blink.

LED Eye Ball

Neopixel LED tape is used. LED is 68 unit. LED is fixed to the bowl with double-sided tape and wired in the following order.

Operating mode

Eye-ball has two slide switch for mode select.

  • Demo mode: LED shines in a variety of patterns
  • Color adjustment mode: pupil color change by turning grip
  • Brightness adjustment: LED brightness change by turning grip

Arduino IDE Code

The following Neopixel libraries are used:



It was a fun Halloween!


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