Head Mounted Display “Nirvana”

We made Head Mounted Display “Nirvana”. “Nirvana” allows you to see the place you want to see anywhere using the endoscopic camera.


“Nirvana” consists of a head-mounted display and the endoscopic camera .

The display of headset show the two real-time video of endoscopic camera for the left eye and the right eye using Raspberry Pi 3.

By directing the endoscopic camera in various directions, you can see everywhere!

How to use

Turn on the power, then attach the head-mounted display. Toward an object has a camera in hand .

Usefulness of this unit such as the following situations will be exhibited more.

  • Hair Check


  • Shaving


  • Earpick


7 inches IGZO Display and endoscopic camera are connected to Raspberry Pi 3. The mobile battery is used for power supply. The display is mounted by processing a commercial VR goggles.

Python Code


我们制作了头戴式显示器“Nirvana”。 “Nirvana”允许您使用内窥镜摄像头查看您想要在任何地方看到的地方。



耳机使用树莓派3实时显示两个相同的内镜相机图像, 用于右眼和左眼。

通过将相机定向到各种方向和物体, 你可以体验到你的眼睛已经脱离了你的身体。


启动设备并连接安装在头上的显示器。把相机握在手里, 瞄准物体。

  • 头发检查


  • 处理胡须和鼻毛


  • 项目


树莓派3连接一个7英寸的伊格佐显示器和一个内窥镜摄像头, 并使用移动电池为其供电。该显示器是通过处理市售的 vr 护目镜和配置头戴式显示器而制造的。

python 代码