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First Step for Robotics

お父ちゃん  2019.5.24 
Raspberry Pi
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I wanted to make a robot. However, I could only make a foot because my money ran out.




Two servo motors are controlled by ESP32. ESP32 is controlled by smartphone app Blynk via WiFi.


  • BLE, WiFi built-in microcontroller board ESP32-DevKitC

  • Servo motor SG-90

  • LiPo battery 400mAh

  • Mounting Universal Plate



The inside is like this.


I created a cool body with cardboard.


Inside like this

Blynk settings

Smartphone and ESP32 board will be WiFi communication using the Blynk of the smartphone app.Move the foot with the forward/backward button.The Blynk app version is 2.27.5.

Create a new project HARDWRE MODEL selects ESP32 Dev Board. CONNECTION TYPE select WiFi. AUTH TOKEN is used when generating Arduino code (sent by email).

Place two button widgets on the forward/backward button.

Select the virtual pin V0 in the forward button widget INPUT.

Select the virtual pin V1 as well as the backward button.


Arduino IDE Code

The following program was programmed using Blynk’s library for Arduino. The version is 0.6.1.

Arduino for ESP32 library is version 1.0.0.

I also used the servo motor library ESP32Servo for ESP32.

The Blynk button push is detected to move the servo forward or backward.


Just a small step. I have no idea how long it will take. But someday I want to make it a cool robot.

The following is the completion forecast




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