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I made a full color POV display using SPRESENSE and DotStar LED tape.


LED tape, SPRESENSE and reflectance sensor are mounted on the rotating part, and LED tape uses DotStar. Using the wireless charging module, the power supply to the rotating part was carried out wirelessly.

One AA battery was used for the motor and three AA batteries for the wireless power supply to the rotating part.


  • SPRESENSE Mini Extension Board KASPI001

  • QTR-1A Reflectance Sensor
  • Adafruit DotStar Digital LED Strip

  • DFRobot Wireless Charging Module 5V/1A
  • DC Motor RS-540SH

  • SparkFun Voltage-Level Translator TXB0104

POV Display Device

The motor was fixed with metal fittings and the handle was made with black wood, and the battery socket and power supply on/off slide switch were fixed.


The rotating part is completely independent as follows.


I used two Dotstar LED tapes. 29 cells LED tape is controlled by SPI4. 28 cells LED tape is controlled by SPI5.


I spread a milky film for the diffusion of light.


Voltage-Level Translator TXB0104 is used to convert the logic level of SPRESENSE from 1.8V to 5V.


I used the wireless charge module for power supply to the LED rotating part. It is only placed in the face-through the transmission coil to the rotation axis of the motor without almost processing.

Arduino IDE Code

The following libraries are used for Dotstar.

Adafruit_DotStar_SPI5.h is a modification of Adafruit_DotStar.h to use SPI5.

When a reflectance sensor detects a marker, it decreases the output, so it detects it in the attachinterrupt and measures the time it takes to interrupt processing by one lap.

It switches the LED blink by dividing the time of one lap by 150. LED display patterns are stored as an array in graphics.h.

Display Graphic Data Creation Method (Python)

Create POV display data “graphics.h” in Python Code. Display data can be created from GIF or still images.

Test GIF File

I used the following GIF file. The number of frames is 16.




Holographic display could be easily realized using SPRESENSE with two SPI outputs at high speed.


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  1. Hello – great project. I would like to recreate this using my own images but I have a few questions.
    – why did you use spresence? Is there a cheaper, but equally as good microcontroller I could use?
    – when you say “the Adafruit_DotStar_SPI5.h is a modification of Adafruit_DotStar.h to use SPI5” what change did you make?
    I hope you don’t mind me asking – I really want to make this for a group of artists in the US for demonstration and I might have more questions as I am really a beginner.
    Thanks, jackie



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