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Full color POV Display using Wireless Charging Module

お父ちゃん  2019.1.18 
Raspberry Pi
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I made Full color POV Display using Wireless Charging Module and Dotstar LED Tape.


LED tape, microcomputer and reflectance sensor are mounted on the rotating part, and LED tape uses Dotstar. Using the wireless charging module, the power supply to the rotating part was carried out wirelessly.

One AA battery was used for the motor and three AA batteries for the wireless power supply to the rotating part.


  • Microcomputer Adafruit itsy Bitsy M0 Express

  • reflectance sensor QTR-1A

  • LED Tape Dotstar

  • Wireless Charging Module

  • Mabuchi Motor RS-540SH

  • AA Battery × 1 case

  • AA Battery × 3 cases

  • Mini Slide Switch

  • Motor Shaft Coupling Joint


This is an LED tape with the following characteristics:

  • Fast write for SPI input [CLK, DATA]. It seems to correspond to the input frequency 30MHz
  • Luminous refresh rate 19.2 kHz and high speed

It can be said that the LED cell for POV. It is very easy to be able to turn on the LED tape with the signal input to the serial at high speed by the signal input in the parallel to the LED in the past and to achieve high-speed lighting.

It is easy to use the LED tape Neopixel which is very popular with one signal line, but the speed is severe because it becomes the original signal input of 800 kHz fixed.Because the refresh rate is 400 Hz, it is not suitable for the POV.



Wireless Charging Module

The first wall of the POV production is the power supply to the LED rotating part. It is seen to make a rotatable contact and to be energized by making a good thing, but the processing seems to be very difficult to make me…

So, I used the wireless charge module here.It is only placed in the face-through the transmission coil to the rotation axis of the motor without almost processing. I thought it was a nice idea.

POV Display Device

The motor was fixed with metal fittings and the handle was made with black wood, and the battery socket and power supply on/off slide switch were fixed.

The rotating part is completely independent by radio as follows.

The rotational speed is measured by detecting the white marker at the top of the motor side with the photo reflector of the rotating part.

Arduino IDE Code

The following libraries are used for Dotstar.

When a reflectance sensor detects a marker, it decreases the output, so it detects it in the attachinterrupt and measures the time it takes to interrupt processing by one lap.

It switches the LED blink by dividing the time of one lap by 250. 250 LED display patterns are stored in flash memory as an array in graphics.h.

I change the color every fixed time.




Display graphic data creation method

The array of images to be displayed written in graphics.h was created using Excel.

Writing a number in the circle makes the background color purple, so I divided it by 250, and expanded it.





I recreated the magic circle of “King of Darkness” EVIL of New Japan Pro Wrestling.




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