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“King of Darkness” EVIL’s Hand

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I made the King of Darkness EVIL’s hand. The way of lighting changes depending on the movement of the motion sensor.

“King of Darkness” EVIL is a professional wrestler in New Japan Professional Wrestling. He emits evil rays from his hand.

Adopting knit Wiring

It is a flexible wiring like rubber. Metal fibers and ordinary insulation fibers are knitted in knit form. 



  •  3-wire type for the connection Neopixel knit wiring

  • Microcontroller Arduino Pro Mini 5v 16MHz

  • Tape led Neopixel used one at the fingertips

  • Neopixel Ring-12 consecutive full-color serial led hand placed in palm

  • Lithium-ion polymer battery 110mah 


  • 9-Axis Motion sensor BNO055

BNO055 9DOF絶対方位IMUモジュール
価格:3526円(税込、送料別) (2018/10/9時点)



Arduino code

The z-axis (Gravity) acceleration of the motion sensor bno055 controls the emission of neopixel.

Basic behavior

When you turn the motion sensor bno055 upside down, the neopixel glows green and the neopixel ring glows red when you turn it down.If you turn down for a period of time (4 seconds), the ring flashes.

I wonder if the dark light can be reproduced in a suspicious: evil:.

Glove Production

The LED, the microcomputer, and the motion sensor are put on the black glove.

Knit wiring Processing

Put the LED on the fingertips of the glove to emit green light.

Solder one neopixels to the tip of the knit wiring.

The signal line (middle line) of the back with the neopixels is disconnected.I don’t want to do short I/O.

The soldering part was painted and covered with glue for protection.

The official soldering method is as follows:

I make five knit wiring connected with the neopixels and place it on the glove.The wire of the thumb is cut long and the other finger and the signal line are wired, and five neopixels are connected to the parallel.

I used the iron adhesive double-sided tape which I bought with the Daiso for knit wiring and the adhesion of the glove.By the way, I purchased a black glove with Daiso.

Neopixels Ring Processing

Put a ring-shaped neopixels in the palm of your hand to emit a red flash.

I put masking tape on the light emitting part of the neopixels to paint black.The masking tape was cut with a hole punch (4mm diameter) of the Daiso and pasted one at a

Matt Black Acrylic Spray to take the masking tape and glue it to the palm of the glove.The wiring is lead to the back side of the hand through the glove inside.

Microcomputer arrangement

The Arduino Pro Mini and sensor bno055 are wired and glued to the glove with powerful double-sided tape.

Glue the ring of the black plastic plate with a slide switch to the index finger.The wiring of the switch was soldered between the microcomputer and the Lipo battery of the back of the hand through the glove.Turn on/off the glove with this switch.

When the back of the hand is peeled off, it emits a green flash from the fingertip, and the downward light glows red.

The neopixels of the knit wiring and the fingertip (the light emitting part masking) is painted black with acrylic paint and hides the microcomputer with a black cloth.The hidden cloth is removable with velcro.


The glove which emits light that cuts through the darkness was able to be made!Yay!!
The BGM of the video is Diamond Head ‘ Am i Evil? ‘ (I think the cover of Metallica is more famous).I tried to play it after a long time.

It’s me who controls tricks, or treats, to treat!Well, remember!



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