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Height measuring instrument using ranging sensor VL53L0X

お父ちゃん  2016.9.17 
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It is very difficult to measure height because a child cannot sit still for a long time.
So we found a high-precision sensor at a low price, so we created a height measuring instrument that does not take up space and time.

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  • Distance sensor VL53L0X

    It is a sensor of the resolution 1mm in a great wide range!The library for Arduino is below.

  • 6 axis motion sensor MPU6050

    3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer can sensing posture information.This time, we use horizontal x-axis and y-axis acceleration to measure the level of the measuring instrument.But it’s a mess!The library for Arduino is located below (using mpu6050 and I2cdev).

  • LCD display

  • Microcontroller Arduino Nano compatible

    I use a cheap compatible product:-) 

Measuring instrument

The distance sensor VL53L0X is placed in the bottom of a box. The sensor can measure distances of up to 2m with 1 mm resolution.

Place the microcomputer Arduino Nano and 6-axis motion sensor MPU6050 in the box, the power supply was used a 9V battery.

MPU6050 is used to measure x-axis and y-axis of acceleration for detect the horizontal direction. The LED (Neopixel) is green , when measure is horizontal. When non-horizontal is light red.

Distances are displayed on the LCD display .

How to use

LCD Display

Normal mode

Turn on the power switch, the measure operates in the normal mode. In Normal Mode, The measurement distance is always displayed on LCD. The LED is green, when measure is horizontal. When non-horizontal is light red.

Measurement mode

While you hold down the Meas. Button (tact switch) it will be the Measurement Mode. Put measure on head. Turn the Measurement Mode. When the distance in a horizontal state is detected, LED is blue light and measurement value is held.

Press the measurement button again to return to normal mode.

Arduino IDE Code

The distance sensor vl53l0x is used in Long_range mode and high_accuracy mode.
The distance is adjusted to the unit in CM and the sensor position is corrected (1mm).



Because it can measure at relatively high speed and the accuracy is high, I can measure it easily evenIcon-baby in the height of the eldest son who is restless in this ♪



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