BLE Car Controlled by Motion Sensor and Wah Pedal

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I made a BLE car controlled by motion sensor and wah pedal.


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  •  Redbearlab BLE Nano


  • Redbear Duo

  • 6DOF MPU-6050

  • Motor Driver DRV8835

  • JIM DUNLOP wah pedal CRYBABY

Car Body


I used the RedBear Duo (BLE Central) to receive the controller (handle and accelerator) information and control the motor.




And I used the BLE Nano (BLE Peripheral) to communicate with the car.

The 6-axis motion sensor MPU6050 detects the inclination of the handle (y-axis acceleration).


I used the wah pedal as an accelerator.

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I wired the variable resistor in the wah pedal to the BLE Nano, so the BLE Nano can detect the depression of the pedal.


Accelerate by pressing down the wah pedal!

Steer the car when you turn the handle!


Code for Arduino IDE

Redbear Duo (Central)

Generated based on the following


BLE Nano (peripheral)

Generated based on the following
The Arduino library for 6-axis motion sensor mpu6050 is located below (using mpu6050 and I2cdev).


It would be interesting to be able to FPV in the head mount Desplay now!



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