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Jigsaw Puzzle Timer

お父ちゃん  2017.5.5 
Raspberry Pi
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I made Jigsaw Puzzle Timer using touch panel TFT display. This measures the time until the puzzle is complete.


Touch Screen Display Shield for Arduino UNO is used to display the time, and the timer stops when the puzzle is completed.


  • Microcomputer Arduino uno

  • Touch screen LCD display shield UL024TF

  • Wooden puzzle
  • Copper foil Tape


Processing a Jigsaw Puzzle

By attaching a copper foil tape to the back of the wooden puzzle, it will become conductive when the puzzle is completed.

  • Drill two holes in the frame and let it pass through the conductor and solder it to the electrode of the copper foil tape.

  • Cover the side and back of the puzzle with copper foil so that two points will conduct when completed.

Touch Panel TFT Display Shield

Driver is ILI9325. 320 x 240 pixels. I used it as a stopwatch to measure the time to complete the puzzle.


Touch screen #ili9325 Stopwatch #arduino

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Arduino IDE Program

I used the following Arduino libraries. I created a program based on the example program tftpaint.ino.

Insert the display shield in the UNO and connect the two pole wiring of the puzzle to the A5 pin and the other to GND. When “START” on the touch panel is pushed, the timer starts, the puzzle is completed and stopwatch stops when A5 conducts to GND.



Puzzle Timer Production ♪ #パズル #arduino #ili9325

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Her eldest daughter also struggles!

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