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My eldest daughter’s free research 2019 winter

お父ちゃん  2019.1.21 
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Free research of the eldest daughter because I was making the one like the girl with the knitting and the resin accessories and embroidery etc. With mother, I did research together Buri two years though father’s turn was not at all.

This winter’s free research has created a swing that works with electromagnets.The swing used a clip.I tried to solder for the first time in my life!

Creating electromagnets

I made an electromagnet by wrapping the enamel wire on the screw.

I wound up as hard as 5m.The eldest daughter who is tired at this stage…

For wiring, rub the enamel on both ends of the electromagnet with sandpaper.

Wiring of batteries and switches

Wire the battery case and the tact switch to turn the electromagnet on/off.

  • TACT switch

  • AA batteries Case

I challenged to solder for the first time in my life.I was scared at first, but I was able to connect good athlete wiring quickly.

The electromagnetic circuit is completed!

Swing Brace Creation

The brace of the swing was created by a combination of pieces of wood.T-cation and nails were already used for the time of the art, so it was a hand:-D 

Good feeling ♪

Cute decoration with water-based paints.The one that I painted yellow is a table where an electromagnet is put.

Clip Swing

The swing was made by the clip and the necklace chain and the round cans bought in Daiso 💎

Complete the chain through a hole in a pin vise to the prop!


The electromagnetic circuit and the swing are pasted to the wooden board with the glue for woodwork and it is completed.


The swing shakes to a good feeling when you turn on/off the electromagnet well timing.

I’m glad I managed to make it to the opening ceremony. LOL: 

I wish I could move the real swing with the automatic button like this….
The eldest son still has to push the back so that the swing does not burn well.

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